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LCS tour [18 Oct 2010|10:39pm]

I just joined, watched some of the show this year (first year watching really) and liked it. Actually know one of the comics (Myq) from a summer camp which is pretty cool. I went to the tour this weekend in the Philly area, anyone else go? Who hosted your show? I guess they rotated around who hosted, I figured all of them would perform, and I didn't think it would be as long as it was. Also should have said hi to some of the comics when I could, but I'll have to see them another time. Good show though.
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WTF??? [09 Aug 2010|09:23pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Finale spoilers, but not for who gets cut or anythingCollapse )

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Final Five [03 Aug 2010|02:13pm]

[ mood | amused ]

*Blows the dust off this community*

So the final five contestants are: Cut for last night's spoilersCollapse ) I honestly think all 5 are funny and I don't know who will be eliminated next. What do you guys think?

Also, how do you feel about the change in format for the show this season? I'm torn. I know some of the little tasks they've had to do in the past were silly but I did like the two-person face-off at a comedy club each week. I guess they wanted to have the viewing audience more involved in the week-to-week aspect of the show but I miss the photo booth "I KNOW I'm funnier than..." confessionals.

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Jennie McNulty Presents Walking Funny With ... Jackie Kashian [06 Oct 2008|01:44pm]

Hahahaha. Jackie Kashian is hilariousssssssssss. She started this "Dork Forest" video thing. I think I belong there. This is her talking about her "dork forest" podcast. Fantastic. Beanie babies!!

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Woo hoo!!! [07 Aug 2008|11:04pm]

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A first [01 Aug 2008|09:02am]

I think this is the first time in Last Comic history that my five favorite comics have made it to the Finals. I might have subbed in Sean Cullen for Jim Tavare, I was torn on those two. But the other five are definitely the 5 I think have been the funniest all season long.

Marcus' set ROCKED last night. I think he and Iliza were the best. I'd love to see them be winner and runner up, but not in that order.
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Thoughts [25 Jul 2008|01:46pm]

OK, first off - is anyone else having an issue with NBC's Last Comic page? Up until 9 AM today it did not have a link for people to vote, and now it says voting is closed, when it's supposed to be open until next week.

Second - Thoughts on the new format:
1. I like the idea of forcing all the remaining comics to compete for a spot in the finals, because it eliminates the pattern of comics making it to the final 5 and never having had to go head-to-head.

2. Overall, I think everyone did really well last night. I can't remember the last time that happened. But also, overall, I think everyone but Louis Ramey looked a little off, a little rattled. Louis was the only one who looked completely confident. But I was pleasantly surprised that Ron G was actually funny at times. I thought Iliza did another great set, but she seemed a little tired, which is normal, considering she's worked harder than anyone else so far.

3. I think they should take things a step farther and say that each head-to-head, the winner earns a place in the Finals. Thus, after Round 1, Iliza would have earned a spot, after Round 2, someone else would have had to go up against Paul Foot and Papa CJ, and undoubtedly won, because everyone else left is funnier than those two. Then in round 3, Marcus would still have won the final guaranteed spot in the Finals. So then, there would be 3 comics in, and the remaining 5 comics would compete for the final 2 or 3 spots in the Finals.

4. I'm happy Marcus is in for sure, cause after Iliza he's my favorite.

5. Here's my plug: VOTE FOR ILIZA SHLESINGER!!!!!!!!!! It's time a woman took this thing.
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Erin Foley is hysterical! [23 Jul 2008|12:52pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Erin Foley is so funny!!! You have to check her out in Outlaugh which she stars in with other great comedians like suzanne westenhoefer and margaret cho. its so hilarious youre going to pee your pants. you cant rent the whole thing from here - http://www.logoonline.com/netflix. 
♥ Jam
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Two weeks in a row... [19 Jul 2008|10:21pm]

Iliza has now taken down four comics in the house, and these two didn't even put up much of a fight.

Paul Foot, who can be quite funny at times, just came off as weird and not-ready-for-primetime. And Papa CJ did probably his best performance so far, and still fell flat for the middle couple minutes and seemed to be trying too hard for the rest of it.

I suspect Jeff Dye to get challenged next week, based on that the other comics in the house were saying about/to him. There is a consistent pattern of the comics feeling the need to haze the newest comics in the house, which seems to be part of the reason Iliza has been a target so far. But then again, as she said, she also expected to be a target "because I have a vagina." Which is dead on, since Michele Balan also got challenged multiple times in one season, and won each one, to make it to the final 5. Why are male comics so threatened by female comics?

My updated rankings, in descending order of preference:
8. Ron G - What HAS he done lately to prove he's funny?
7. Adam Hunter - He's coming off as a little too cocky, but he had a good set last time he went on
6. Jim Tavare - He had moved up the list since I first ranked them.
5. Louis Ramey - I predict he will make it to the finals based on seniority, since none of the comics seem to want to take him on. But I still wouldn't pay money to see his whole show.
4. Sean Cullen - He's pretty funny, and I might pay money to see his whole show.
3. Jeff Dye - Based on what I've seen so far, I'd totally pay to see more.
2. Marcus - I still think he's the funniest of the guys, and one of the best at improv.
1. Iliza Shlesinger - Her two defending performances should shred anyone's doubt that she's good enough to win this thing. She's been OUTSTANDING.
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Hallelujah! [10 Jul 2008|11:20pm]

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Analysis of the contenders, IMHO [08 Jul 2008|11:29pm]

X-posted to my journal, which has actually moved to Wordpress now...

It's that time of year again. I look forward to summer boob tube, if only for Last Comic Standing. I love stand up comedy, so I love this show. Even though year after year it never fails to disappoint me, because good comics get passed over in favor of ones I think aren't as good. And I miss the first season, which had a lot more of the comics living together in a house, because some of those interactions were the best ever. Rich Vos and Dave Mordal joking about their homoerotic heterosexual lifemate relationship? Priceless. But apparently, the network decided that there wasn't enough drama, so they cut down on this part of the show in favor of a more American Idol-like format.

Nevertheless, here's the contenders for this year, and my early impressions of them. In descending order of how much I enjoy them:

12. Ron G - I think he has potential, but I think he's too green to be very good yet.

11. God's Pottery - They're like that Saturday Night Live sketch that never, ever dies. They were kind of funny in their audition, and haven't been funny since.

10. Jim Tavare - He looks like something out of the Munsters, but he plays the standing bass and talks with a British accent. But he's only moderately funny.

9. Esther Ku - She might be funny if her voice weren't so annoying.

8. Paul Foot - He is weird. And British. I can't tell if he's Dave Mordal-weird, which would be good, or Eddie Pepitone-weird, which is just annoying, and thank goodness, OVER.

7. Papa CJ - He's really cute, but he has already repeated numerous jokes, which tells me he's too green to go very far in this competition.

6. Louis Ramey - Pretty funny, but I suspect he's going to piss me off more than he's going to make me laugh before the season is over, because he's already been pretty borderline offensive at times,

5. Adam Hunter - Very funny. Great set in the semi-finals. Could go far, and wouldn't be unhappy if he did.

4. Jeff Dye - See above.

3. Sean Cullen - See above.

2. Marcus - His Oompa Loompa intervention for Britney Spears was the funniest thing I think I've seen in months. He rocks my world. He's easily my favorite to be able to take this whole thing, except...

1. Iliza Shlesinger - She's very funny, and I hope she keeps being funny, because you know what? It's fucking time a woman won this thing. We've let Cory Kahane and Michelle Balan slip by, what's it going to take to get a woman to win? Come on.
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Where did everyone go? [27 Jun 2008|12:05am]

Anyone else annoyed by God's freaking Pottery?

There were at least three other comedians I'd have liked to advance other than those boils on the feet of humanity. Like, you know - ANY OF THE FUCKING WOMEN. Grrrrr. And Ron G? Come on. He has potential, but he's not ready for prime time.

But I'm glad Jeff Dye and Adam Hunter made it. They had awesome sets. Very funny, can't wait to see more.
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UCBT Luminaries at Brooklyn AIDS Benefit [15 May 2008|06:31am]

Hey comedy people!

Just wanted to let you know that John Oliver (The Daily Show), Dave Hill, and Rob Lathan will be appearing at a benefit concert in Brooklyn this Friday, May 16th (aka... tomorrow night). All proceeds go to AIDS Walk NY. I'm a huge fan, and am part of the group organizing the show. There are just a few tickets left so I want to make sure that all the fans know about it before it sells out. Please come out & tell your friends.

The Mountain Goats and Rock Plaza Central will play as well! Don't miss it!

Here's the Ticket Web site where you can buy tickets:


Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Thanks so much!

x-posted some other places.
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Just saw it while watching Scrubs [08 May 2008|07:43pm]

New season May 22
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[19 Sep 2007|08:34pm]


yipppeeeee. :D it's finally here.

although i wish that stupid ass "Canada sucks" ranting Rich Voss asshole didn't show up

and the winner is..Collapse )
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[12 Sep 2007|08:17pm]

[ mood | excited ]

a stupid cut for spoilersCollapse )

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My call on how the final five play out... [16 Aug 2007|02:42pm]


Ok, so I just watched a recording of last night's episode, and I'll admit, Matt's defeat was a tug at the heartstrings, for he's definitely an up-and-coming comic. But with his and Doug's departure, we must move on to the future...

So with that in mind, I've thought of how this will play out, and here's how I think it'll end up and why I think it will end up that way...

5th Place --> Jon Reep - "I'm from Hickory! Have you heard of Hickory?" Holy God, if I hear the fact that he's from Hickory again, I'll shove a piece of hickory up his ass.

4th Place --> Ralph Harris - He's a hit or miss guy with his stand-up, but the ultimate thing that's gonna hurt him is that Lavell's the funnier black guy.

3rd Place --> Amy Schumer - I'll admit, her jokes about thinking she was prettier than the other girls in her middle school classes was getting annoying and old, but she's been able to show other witty material throughout the series.

2nd Place --> Gerry Dee - Maybe it's me, but I still find his joke on the illiterate classmate hysterical. That, and his desire for Last Comic Standing has been boiling over from the previous season

1ST PLACE --> LAVELL CRAWFORD - Dispute what you want about 5th to 2nd place, but if you don't think Lavell's going to win it all, you're nuts. His jokes have been the funniest, even if they are mostly fat jokes directed at himself. He's like Ralphie May, except darker and less ghetto. Seriously, Matt Kirshen I think posed the toughest challenge to Lavell (in like a Dat Phan sense), but with Matt gone, Lavell's got this in the bag.

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So, non-Americans... [16 Aug 2007|09:10am]

How do you feel having Gerry fucking Dee as your representative in the final 5? I'm so sorry American audiences suck so badly at evaluating talent. We had the opportunity to keep Debra Digiovanni, Gina Yashere, or Matt Kirshen, all of whom are actually funny. But no, the one who survives to the final 5 is this Mayberry reject.

On behalf of American comedy audiences everywhere, I want to apologize.
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You've GOTTA be kidding me!! [15 Aug 2007|10:00pm]

SPOILERS for winner of 8/15/07 head-to-headCollapse )

And whatever happened w/Al(?), the monkey guy? Didn't he go to Cali? I don't remember ever seeing him do any stand-up...
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[14 Aug 2007|10:27am]

I was really disappointed to see two of my favorites go head to head, because it meant one of the two of them had to go.

I can't believe we're still stuck with the Jon Reep, Doug Benson, and Gerry Dee, and yet we've lost Debra and Gina, two of the BEST of the bunch.

Ugh. Now we're down to Lavell, Ralph, and Matt Kirshen, IMO. If one of them doesn't walk away from the title, this will go down as the worst season ever.
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