Stephen R. (filetoreilly02) wrote in last_comic,
Stephen R.

My call on how the final five play out...

Ok, so I just watched a recording of last night's episode, and I'll admit, Matt's defeat was a tug at the heartstrings, for he's definitely an up-and-coming comic. But with his and Doug's departure, we must move on to the future...

So with that in mind, I've thought of how this will play out, and here's how I think it'll end up and why I think it will end up that way...

5th Place --> Jon Reep - "I'm from Hickory! Have you heard of Hickory?" Holy God, if I hear the fact that he's from Hickory again, I'll shove a piece of hickory up his ass.

4th Place --> Ralph Harris - He's a hit or miss guy with his stand-up, but the ultimate thing that's gonna hurt him is that Lavell's the funnier black guy.

3rd Place --> Amy Schumer - I'll admit, her jokes about thinking she was prettier than the other girls in her middle school classes was getting annoying and old, but she's been able to show other witty material throughout the series.

2nd Place --> Gerry Dee - Maybe it's me, but I still find his joke on the illiterate classmate hysterical. That, and his desire for Last Comic Standing has been boiling over from the previous season

1ST PLACE --> LAVELL CRAWFORD - Dispute what you want about 5th to 2nd place, but if you don't think Lavell's going to win it all, you're nuts. His jokes have been the funniest, even if they are mostly fat jokes directed at himself. He's like Ralphie May, except darker and less ghetto. Seriously, Matt Kirshen I think posed the toughest challenge to Lavell (in like a Dat Phan sense), but with Matt gone, Lavell's got this in the bag.

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