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Two weeks in a row...

Iliza has now taken down four comics in the house, and these two didn't even put up much of a fight.

Paul Foot, who can be quite funny at times, just came off as weird and not-ready-for-primetime. And Papa CJ did probably his best performance so far, and still fell flat for the middle couple minutes and seemed to be trying too hard for the rest of it.

I suspect Jeff Dye to get challenged next week, based on that the other comics in the house were saying about/to him. There is a consistent pattern of the comics feeling the need to haze the newest comics in the house, which seems to be part of the reason Iliza has been a target so far. But then again, as she said, she also expected to be a target "because I have a vagina." Which is dead on, since Michele Balan also got challenged multiple times in one season, and won each one, to make it to the final 5. Why are male comics so threatened by female comics?

My updated rankings, in descending order of preference:
8. Ron G - What HAS he done lately to prove he's funny?
7. Adam Hunter - He's coming off as a little too cocky, but he had a good set last time he went on
6. Jim Tavare - He had moved up the list since I first ranked them.
5. Louis Ramey - I predict he will make it to the finals based on seniority, since none of the comics seem to want to take him on. But I still wouldn't pay money to see his whole show.
4. Sean Cullen - He's pretty funny, and I might pay money to see his whole show.
3. Jeff Dye - Based on what I've seen so far, I'd totally pay to see more.
2. Marcus - I still think he's the funniest of the guys, and one of the best at improv.
1. Iliza Shlesinger - Her two defending performances should shred anyone's doubt that she's good enough to win this thing. She's been OUTSTANDING.
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