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OK, first off - is anyone else having an issue with NBC's Last Comic page? Up until 9 AM today it did not have a link for people to vote, and now it says voting is closed, when it's supposed to be open until next week.

Second - Thoughts on the new format:
1. I like the idea of forcing all the remaining comics to compete for a spot in the finals, because it eliminates the pattern of comics making it to the final 5 and never having had to go head-to-head.

2. Overall, I think everyone did really well last night. I can't remember the last time that happened. But also, overall, I think everyone but Louis Ramey looked a little off, a little rattled. Louis was the only one who looked completely confident. But I was pleasantly surprised that Ron G was actually funny at times. I thought Iliza did another great set, but she seemed a little tired, which is normal, considering she's worked harder than anyone else so far.

3. I think they should take things a step farther and say that each head-to-head, the winner earns a place in the Finals. Thus, after Round 1, Iliza would have earned a spot, after Round 2, someone else would have had to go up against Paul Foot and Papa CJ, and undoubtedly won, because everyone else left is funnier than those two. Then in round 3, Marcus would still have won the final guaranteed spot in the Finals. So then, there would be 3 comics in, and the remaining 5 comics would compete for the final 2 or 3 spots in the Finals.

4. I'm happy Marcus is in for sure, cause after Iliza he's my favorite.

5. Here's my plug: VOTE FOR ILIZA SHLESINGER!!!!!!!!!! It's time a woman took this thing.
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