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Woo hoo!!!

Woo hoo!!! Not only did were the final five comedians on Last Comic Standing actually all five people I’d pay to see, but the final two were my favorite two, and the Last Comic Standing of 2008 was the one I was rooting for most of all! Yay Iliza Shlesinger! It only took six seasons, but a woman finally won this thing! Rock on.
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Knowing how much you were pulling for Eliza, your subject line's a spoiler! LOL!!

And yeah, I totally thought of how happy you were going to be when she won.

I hate this new format. Every year it gets shorter & shorter. It makes it hard to really have an opinion of who the best comic is, because most of them get to perform so seldom!

How I dream to go back to the format of Season one... (But without Dat Phan!)
I agree, the format this year was just bizarre and kind of ridiculous, to quote Marcus.

I wished we had gotten to see the other 3 finalists perform one last time. I wish we had seen more head-to-head competitions. And I wish they had done more challenges, like Season 1. I also wish they didn't squeeze ads INTO the show as well as in between the segments. Ugh.

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Well, we'll just have to disagree, because I thought she was fucking hysterical. But now you know how I feel watching much better comedians get defeated by the likes of Jon Reep, Dat Phan, and Josh Blue. Because I thought Dave Mordal, Michele Balan, and Lavell Crawford (just to name a few who got close but lost the big prize) in those particular seasons were funnier than those three winners.

The years John Heffron and Alonzo Bodden won were somewhat more acceptable, IMHO, but even those years there were other comics I liked a little better. But it just goes to show you how subjective comedy was.

This year, finally, the LCS and the runner up were the two I thought were the funniest.


August 8 2008, 23:08:29 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  August 8 2008, 23:14:06 UTC

Um, where did you watch it? I was SO pissed off when I returned home from a night out to find that "America's Got Talent" was recorded during LCS's time-slot. The listing had LCS on NBC but did they f--k us over again and air the finale on some cable channel without any warning? I called my friend who watches it too and we both laughed (in an annoyed way) that is seemed like they went and pulled this shit again.

So I had to resort to going to the site to try to find out what happened with the non-airing (at least in NY) and they're like, "Miss the finale? See it on Bravo Aug. 15." Yeah thanks NBC, now that I'm spoiled by seeing the winner on the main page (not to mention here).
Weird. It was on for 90 minutes - I think 8:00 to 8:30 - which was a weird block of time. Maybe it came on before America's Got Talent?