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Final Five

*Blows the dust off this community*

So the final five contestants are: Roy Wood, Jr., Tommy Johnagin, Myq Kaplan, Felipe Esparza, & Mike DeStefano. I honestly think all 5 are funny and I don't know who will be eliminated next. What do you guys think?

Also, how do you feel about the change in format for the show this season? I'm torn. I know some of the little tasks they've had to do in the past were silly but I did like the two-person face-off at a comedy club each week. I guess they wanted to have the viewing audience more involved in the week-to-week aspect of the show but I miss the photo booth "I KNOW I'm funnier than..." confessionals.
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I still say the 1st season was the best. I loooved seeing so much of them in the house together!! But I really do prefer seeing each of them performing each wk instead of just 2 at a time. (That's why I like the show... cuz I like stand-up!)

Mike D is my fave, but I really like Felipe too. (We're down to ALL good comics imo)

Anyway, your icon inspired me to use THIS icon. *G*
Yes, season 1 was totally the best. I still laugh thinking of when they played hide-n-seek! You're right though, I do like hearing everyone perform every week but I think the fact that that's all they do makes it a little boring? Idk, it just doesn't have the extra 'fun' aspect the other seasons had. Otoh, I think the judges & Craig Robinson have been good and it is entertaining but, just different.

Ha ha! Love the icon!
Dat Phan was just SUCH a good hider!! LOL!!

I wouldn't say that it makes it boring, but it does make it less 'reality-show-y' which is what I thought they were going for. And yeah, there was extra fun in the other format. Guess there's positives both ways...